Stop the Cairn Duhie Windfarm on Dava Moor

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The Dava Moor is a lonely, beautiful landscape. It has lain in its natural beauty unscarred since the dawn of time. Landowners are proposing to build windfarm after windfarm after windfarm where there are few people to object to it. Where will it stop? Cairn Duhie is just the latest development — twenty 110m turbines just feet from the road. They’re noisy, they’re ugly and, most of all, they stop tourists from coming to Scotland.

We want it to stop right here. We want to say ‘windfarms no more’ — DAVA NO MORE!

Help us put an end to this relentless march of turbines across our beautiful landscapes.

We are the people who live and work on and around the Dava Moor. We’re a tiny community and we don’t have the clout to keep developers out. So we need your help. The Dava Moor is vital to tourism and wildlife. We’re a stone’s throw from the largest National Park in the UK and thousands of visitors pass through it every year.

Please help us hang on to this national treasure.

SAY NO to windfarms on Dava Moor. Dava No More!

Energy giant, RES, is proposing to build twenty 110m wind turbines at Cairn Duhie, in the heart of the Dava Moor, one of the most beautiful, wild landscapes of Northern Scotland. The Dava Moor, lying between Nairn, Grantown and Carrbridge is already under massive pressure from three major wind developments on the fringes of this spectacular countryside:

  1. Berry Burn – BUILT.
  2. Tom nan Clach – APPROVED.
  3. Hill of Glaschyle – IN PLANNING


The proposed Cairn Duhie Wind Farm development must be objected to for the following reasons:

    • With other current and planned wind developments, the cumulative impact of the Cairn Duhie wind farm will place unacceptable visual impacts on a stunning part of Scotland’s dwindling wild, upland landscape
    • The elevated position of Cairn Duhie, in the heart of the Dava Moor, makes it impossible for the development to be anything other than uniquely visually offensive
    • The development breaches local and national planning guidelines for wind farm developments
    • At a local community meeting  69 people attended – 66 said “NO”.

Read more reasons to object to this wind farm development here.

What can you do to stop this inappropriate development?

  • Support the Cairn Duhie Action Group (CDAG) and sign up to the Dava No More, Stop Cairn Duhie Wind Farm newsletter here
  • Send a preformtted objection letter by email to the Highland Council, Moray Council and the Scottish Government here.
  • Find postal addresses for writing to your local MSP or Highland Council councillor here.
  • Support your Community Council’s opposition to this development
  • Write to the local press
  • All donations to the Cairn Duhie Action Group are welcome.